Thank you and new changes . . .

It’s a new year and in time honoured fashion, I am fulfilling a cliché and making a fresh start!

Thank you so much for following the loveandliterature blog and for engaging with my content. If you’ve enjoyed it and would like to continue reading, come over and visit ‘the literature diary’ (, where I will be posting once a week. There’s a glorious new pile of books awaiting us, from Susan Cain’s Quiet to Justin Cronin’s latest instalment and many more.

I’m also joyously venting over at ‘and two makes twenty’, my new parenting blog (, which will feature sporadic posts about the wonders of parenting my two little madams.

I’m excited to get started with some fresh content and focus this year, and look forward to continuing the conversation with you whether you go for books, babies or both . . . J x